CREATIVE LIONS is the filmmaking arm of the CREATIVE ALLIANCE


Founded at the beginning of 2019: Jess; Kiriem (Kye) and Tolu joined forces to become a formidable team of filmmakers. With our vast experience as actors, writers, producers, directors - if we can't do it, we will find someone who can!

Our first film Anonymous was made in 2019, shortly before an amazing trip to Cannes. Baba followed in 2020, having been postponed in March due to COVID, it finally filmed in October. We swiftly followed that with a third short Good China and a Music Video Sweet Lies shot in the same weekend in December 2020. 


For 2021 we're keen to see how our work does on the festival circuit and will be collaborating with Tripods Productions on Milo and IT Girls Productions towards the end of the year. 


Find out more about our varied slate and the team.

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