Our Work

Here are the projects we've worked on to date. 

Baba | short | dir: Jess Collett

Abigail is a patient on Ward M7 with Dissociative Personality Disorder, along with her other personalities Debra and Bola. She is also the chief suspect in a murder case. Struggling new father, DCI Baba has found himself trapped in a cycle of interviews with her, desperately seeking answers, that she just can't give him. However, not all is as it seems, and as the film unfolds his world becomes a strange and dark place.

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Milo | short | dir. Ellie Torrez

Milo is 12, and much loved by his Mum, Dad, and big sister Maddie. When he is diagnosed with a chronic illness, the whole family is left reeling. Milo is a story of loss, grief, the devastation of a family, but ultimately hope.


Sweet Lies | music video | dir. Jess Collett

Music video for artist G-Dash's song: Sweet Lies

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Good China | short | dir. Jess Collett

It wasn’t that you said you were leaving. Why darling, if anything, that finally showed that you have some mettle. It certainly wasn’t that you said you were leaving for one of your students. To tell you the truth, that shocking confession almost put me to sleep, darling. But rising to leave in the middle of dinner? Now, that was just rude.

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Anonymous | short | dir. Paul Burt

Anonymous is a film about being seen and unseen. Our film follows three people on a typical journey through London. We touch on the lives of an attractive woman; a young black boy and an older woman. We watch the routine interactions they encounter and challenge the judgments that are made of them, showing the depth of character behind the perceived stereotypes.

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