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Directed By: Paul Burt

Anonymous is a film about being seen and unseen. Our film follows three people on a typical journey through London. We touch on the lives of an attractive woman; a young black boy and an older woman. We watch the routine interactions they encounter and challenge the judgments that are made of them, showing the depth of character behind the perceived stereotypes.

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Directed by: Corry Raymond

DCI Hunter comes to Ward M7 after the mysterious death of Kara Philips in the mental health facility. He interviews the three patients closest to her: Sian Walker, Kara's girlfriend and a drug addict; Abigail Adebola, suffering from Dissociate Identity Disorder and Frances (Frankie) Ambler-White, Kara's roommate and a Sociopath.
Throughout his investigations, Hunter (and the audience) discovers the complex web of secrets spun in Ward M7. What judgement can Hunter make when each of them has something to hide? How will he find the truth, when only Bola knows and she is one Abigail's rarest personalities. What resolution can be found when you are all to blame. To solve this mystery, Hunter must confront his own demons.

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Directed by: Paul Burt

Let us take you to ‘No. 22’. Inside live three sisters: Bella, Angela and Donna. Three adopted sisters (one black, two white) who were raised by their loving father. But, due to their turbulent childhoods they have obstacles to overcome: Donna, a selective mute, has not spoken for years; Angela has anger issues and Bella yearns for love anywhere she can. Even from a white supremacist.
Our story takes place on the night of Bella’s birthday, when she is going to introduce her boyfriend, Blake, to her sisters for the first time. At dinner some of Blake’s remarks go unchallenged, until he goes too far with his racial hatred. Angela stands up for herself, leaving Bella in a dilemma over who to choose, love or family? The violence escalates and Donna is left with no choice but to speak to save her sisters.