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Directed by: Jess Collett 

Stage:     Post Production

Logline:  Murder suspect with multiple personalities gives struggling detective a bigger problem to solve. 


Directed by: Jess Collett | Written by: Oren Shafir

Stage:       Complete

Synopsis:  It wasn’t that you said you were leaving. Why darling, if anything, that finally showed that you have some mettle. It certainly wasn’t that you said you were leaving for one of your students. To tell you the truth, that shocking confession almost put me to sleep, darling. But rising to leave in the middle of dinner? Now, that was just rude.


Directed by: Jess Collett | Artist: G-Dash

Stage:       Post Production

Synopsis:  "...the truth ain't really up for no discussion, so they tell sweet lies, manipulate to synchronise their times, their partners thinking everything is fine discussing future plans over wine. He who without sin cast the first stone, but they really can't leave each other alone, different names saved in their phones, clearly somethings missing back at home, but they won't leave what they know - for a 'you will never know'."


Directed by: TBC

Stage:       Pre Production

Synopsis:  We follow our main protagonist single father Darren Oderinde as he explores what it means to be a black father.


Directed by: Ita Fitzgerald | Written by: Jess Collett

Stage:       Screenplay

Synopsis:  A dark comedy, about one woman's obsession with becoming a children’s TV presenter and the cost of fulfilling her Ambition. Stella works as a runner for a production company but has always wanted to be a children’s TV presenter, believing it to be her destiny, her calling.


Directed by: TBC


Stage:       In Development

Synopsis:  A harrowing drama series, based on the true story of a displaced little black girl from South London. We unpack the journey of this intelligent dyslexic, informally fostered, and lost in the system.
Tolu is torn between her Nigerien mother’s rich, vibrant, and foreign culture and her white Irish-British working-class foster mother. She fights racism and discrimination to find the Truth of her real identity.

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Directed by: TBC

Stage:       In Development

Synopsis:  Mothers and Daughters delves into the complex life of a strong Nigerian matriarch and her relationship with her two biological daughters and her English foster daughter. 
Has the foster daughter been taken in as an act of kindness or is there more to their relationship than meets the eye?